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Choosing a Free Zone Business Activity

With over 2,000 different business activities to choose from, doing this part of your business formation correctly can be an overwhelming exercise. With our guidance, we’ll ensure you choose the right activity and avoid problems in the future.

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Choose a Business Activity

One of the steps that cause significant problems for entrepreneurs trying to do their own UAE company formation is picking their business activity. With over 2,000 activities, there are a lot to choose from, and getting it wrong can set you up for problems in the future.

With our help, however, we’ll quickly guide you to the right activity so you can move on with the formation of your company, and not spend hours looking through jargon-filled descriptions.

Examples of Popular Business Activities

With over 2,000 activities, you’ll be able to find a business activity that accurately represents what your business does. Here are some of the most popular business activities chosen: 

consulting 1


This business activity is a popular one as it covers all kinds of consulting activities, such as corporate, legal, human resources, financial, and lifestyle consulting.


Music and Entertainment

Music production, recording, promotion, management, and copyright issues all fit into this category, along with other forms of entertainment such as theme parks.



Any importing or exporting of goods and similar business activities is often categorised under Trading.

new message 1

New Media

This category includes all forms of digital services, such as graphic design and website design, as well as app development.