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Mainland Company Set Up in Dubai

While a free zone company is the right choice for many, it doesn’t allow you to do business with the UAE market directly. For that, you’ll need mainland company formation in Dubai. 

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4 Top Advantages of Setting up a Mainland Company

1. No Trade Restrictions

Unlike free zone and offshore businesses, mainland businesses benefit from no restrictions on where you can trade. That means you can trade freely within the UAE and bid on government contracts.

3. Taxation Benefits

As a mainland company, you’re exempt from corporate tax and you and all your employees can benefit from the UAE’s 0% personal tax rate.

2. Unlimited Visas

Growing a big company? You’ll want to find the top talent throughout the world to bring to your team, and that means they’ll need visas. Mainland companies can apply for an unlimited number of visas for their employees.

4. Repatriate Profits

Mainland businesses can repatriate their profits and capital with no restrictions or penalties

Your Mainland Company Starts Here

Global Success Consulting can help you form your mainland company in Dubai and help you decide where to operate. As a mainland company, you can set your business up anywhere in the UAE, allowing you to interact directly with the UAE market. With over 2,000 business activities to choose from, a mainland company has the flexibility to grow in almost any direction. 

Forming a mainland company in Dubai isn’t much more difficult than forming a Free Zone company. We can help guide you through the steps.

3 Steps to Set Up a Mainland Company in a UAE

We make Mainland company formation as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1:

Contact us and tell us all about your business and financial goals. We’ll discuss the best location for you to form your business, the right legal structure, and advise you on obtaining a local partner if you don’t have one ready to go.

Step 2:

We’ll help you apply for your trade license and guide you through important details like your office location and corporate bank accounts.

Step 3:

Once the authorities have received all your information, it usually takes 5-12 days for your company to be established and ready to start doing business.