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Gain Long-Term UAE Residency With a UAE Golden Visa

The UAE Golden Visa was launched in 2019 to attract top performers and minds like yours to the UAE. Our team will help you secure your Golden Visa, which will grant you long-term residency, the freedom to bring your loved ones to live in the UAE with you, and 100% company ownership.

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Why Choose a UAE Golden Visa

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  • Live in a country that offers an extremely high quality of life – miles of beaches, year-long sunshine, state-of-the-art buildings, and multicultural cities 

  • Low and no-tax living – personal income tax is still 0% and corporate tax is low if it applies to your corporation (and if it doesn’t, you may be able to operate tax-free) 

  • Long-lasting – for most, the Golden Visa will last for 10 years 

  • No local sponsor needed – you don’t need to find someone in the UAE to give you permission to call the UAE home 

  • 100% business ownership – Golden Visa holders can own 100% of their business, regardless of where they choose to do business 

  • Getting your family visas isn’t difficult, you can bring your immediate family, parent(s), and even your nanny or other in-house help all over easily.

  • No minimum residency – you can come and go as you please without worrying about whether or not you’re spending enough time in the country. This is ideal for those who like to travel, travel a lot for work, or both!

UAE Golden Visa Eligibility

The good news is that the UAE recently expanded its eligibility criteria, making it easier than ever for investors, entrepreneurs,
freelancers, business people, and exceptionally talented people to move to the UAE and gain a Golden Visa. 

Here are the requirements you need to know about:


  • Own property (or properties) worth AED 2 million or more (this can now be with the facilitation of a bank loan)  

  • Or have invested AED 2 million in a UAE-accredited investment fund 


  • Own an economic project of a technical or future nature based on risk and innovation

  • an approval letter from an auditor stating that the project is worth more than AED 500,000

  • an approval letter from your emirate stating that the business is of a technical or future nature 

  • An approval letter from a business incubator in the UAE

Skilled Professionals 

  • Employed in the UAE 

  • Be a MOHRE Level 1 Manager or Business Executive or a MOHRE Level 2 Professional 

  • Hold the minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) 

  • Have a minimum monthly salary of AED 30,000 (or equivalent) 

  • If applicable, hold a valid Practicing License (relevant for doctors, teachers, and so on) 

Scientists & Researchers

  • Hold a Master’s or Ph.D. in Engineering, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, or Technology 

  • If you hold a Master’s, it must be from one of the top 250 universities in the world 

  • If you hold a Ph.D., it must be from one of the top 500 universities in the world 

  • A Field Weighted Citation Index grade of 1.0 

  • An H-index grade of 10 (or higher), or a Scopus H-index grade over 20, or noted achievements in establishing research and development 

There are other requirements for Executive Directors, Athletes, exceptional students, and other outstanding people of note.

How We Help You Prepare

We’ll guide you through the entire Golden Visa application process. 

  1. Contact Our Team – Your first step is to contact our team and we’ll guide you through what you need to do to become eligible and start the process.
  2. Preparing Documentation – Once we’ve guided you through the requirements and ensured you’ve taken any actions necessary to become eligible for a Golden Visa, we’ll help you prepare your documentation for your application. 

  3. Submit Application – We’ll help you complete your application and sent it and the relevant documents to the government, ready for approval.

  4. Wait for Approval – Golden Visa application processing times are usually 2-4 weeks, though additional requirements can sometimes slow the process. Allow 30 days to hear back about your application. 

  5. Approved – When you receive your application approval, you can cancel your current visa and submit your approved Golden Visa application with your passport so your new visa can be inserted. 

Documents Needed to Apply for a UAE Golden Visa

When you work with our team, they’ll guide you through the documentation you need – so don’t worry if you’re confused or aren’t sure which documents you’ll need to provide. Some of the documents required can include: 

  • Identification: copies of your passport, current visa, and EID card
  • Financial documents: 6 months of personal bank statements 
  • If you are an employee: UAE labor contract, salary certificate, reference letter from employer
  • For students: Education certificate (legalized and attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • For property owners: title deed(s) 
  • For business owners: corporate documents, proof of premises lease
  • For talented individuals: a reference letter from a person of influence vouching for your contribution to the UAE
  • Other documents that vouch for you: such as your CV, LinkedIn profile, published articles, awards, and news articles 

Other documents that may be applicable (speak to our experts for the documents you need) include: 

  • Bank letter confirming you’ve had a fixed deposit of AED 2 million or more for 2 years, or bank statements showing AED 2 million – 3 million worth of movement or cash
  • Proof that you’ve held the position of CEO for more than 3 years 
  • Proof that you’ve been a company executive for more than 5 years 
  • Audited financial statements and a copy of the audit company’s licence

Secure Your UAE Golden Visa

Our Expert Team is poised and ready to help you secure your UAE Golden Visa and your future in the UAE. Whether you’re a current resident
or are thinking of making the move, we’re here to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. Contact us today to start the process.