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About Dubai Mainland Business Licenses

Choosing the right mainland business license is essential to your success. We’re here to guide you through and ensure your license propels your business forward.


What You Need to Know About Mainland Licenses

All Dubai mainland company formations require you to choose a business license. The three types of business licenses you need to consider when starting Dubai mainland business formation:

  • Professional Trade License
  • Commercial Trade License
  • Industrial Trade License

All businesses in the UAE are required to obtain a business license to operate. The licenses are designed to offer proof to potential customers and clients that the business is qualified to offer the service and/or products they do.

3 Types of Business Licenses

Professional Trade License

To obtain a professional license, you’ll need to prove that you are qualified in the area of business you plan to operate.
This “proof” can be experience, qualifications, or both. A professional trade license will allow you to set up an LLC,
Civil Company
, or Sole Establishment and provide professional services.

Commercial Trade License

A commercial trade license will allow you to buy and sell goods and commodities and do any other kind of trade activities.
This license will allow you to form an LLC or Sole Establishment. Any company that does not fit into the necessary criteria for a
professional trade license
(offering professional services) or an industrial trade license (industrial or manufacturing activities)
will require this license.

For example, along with retail businesses and other trade companies, communications companies, healthcare companies,
and construction companies will also need this license.

Industrial Trade License

Any business that wants to operate in industrial activities or manufacturing requires an industrial trade license. This trade license will allow you to convert any natural materials and resources into new products.

For some businesses seeking industrial trade licenses, additional permission may need to be sought from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and other authorities.

What requirements do I need to meet to have a UAE trade license?

To obtain a trade license in the UAE, you’ll need to complete the following steps: 

  • Choose which business category you fit into best
    (i.e. professional, commercial, or industrial) 
  • Choose your business activity (we can guide you here) 
  • Choose your business’s legal structure (LLC, Civil Company, or Sole Establishment) 
  • Choose your business name 
  • Apply to the local Department of Economic Development (DED) to register your trade name 
  • If applicable, apply to the Ministry of Economy for your trademark 
  • If applicable, complete and sign a Memorandum of Association
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Expert Consultants for Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Setting up a Dubai mainland company can be complicated, and so you need expert consultants to hand to guide
you and help you move stress-free through all the steps and requirements. If you’re ready to start taking the steps to establish
Dubai mainland company, we’re here to help. To get started, simply reach out to us with details about your business
and goals and we’ll help you take the first step.