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Need Mainland Visas? We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re looking to acquire mainland visas for yourself and your family, your company’s team members, or both, we’re here to ensure the process goes as smoothly.


What You Need to Know About Mainland Visas for Employees

Any private company can apply for employment entry permits for their team members
the employee must then apply for their residence visa within 30 days of arriving in the UAE.
employee’s visa will be valid for 3 years if the business was formed in a Free Zone
or 2 years if it’s a Mainland company

It’s up to you as the employer to provide travel arrangements for your team members and you may need to arrange
“Okay to Board” permission for some airlines.

What You Need to Know About Mainland Visas for Family

Once you’ve obtained your own visa, applying for subsequent visas for your dependants is straightforward. 

To start the process of bringing your family members over to join you in the UAE, you must first have acquired your own residence visa. You’ll need to be able to prove that you have the financial means to provide for your dependents. 

For employees, your monthly salary must be more than AED 4,000
(or AED 3,000 plus accommodation) to sponsor your partner and children.

If you wish to bring your parents (and they cannot meet the requirements independently through other means), you’ll need to prove you have a monthly salary of over AED 20,000 (or AED 19,000 plus accommodation which must have at least 2 bedrooms).

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What documentation do you need to have to apply for visas?

The exact documentation you need to apply for your family’s visas depends on your own status, so reach out to us for specific guidance. We provide advice for all our company formation clients, as the documentation you need may differ from those listed below

That said, the documentation you may need includes:

  • A typed application form
  • If a government employee, you’ll need a salary certificate
  • If an employee elsewhere, you’ll need a copy of your work contract
  • If you’ve been a resident for over 3 months, you’ll need to provide 3 months’ bank statements
  • If you’ve been a resident for less than 3 months, you’ll need your most recent bank statement(s)
    and a letter from the bank confirming your most recent salary transfer
  • Your tenancy agreement
  • Your Emirates ID
  • Your Labor Card
  • Your marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Your original passports and copies of them
  • A medical for anyone you’re seeking a visa for over the age of 15
  • 3 passport photos per person seeking a visa